About Us

Fenech Farrugia Fiott Legal is a Malta-based law firm which provides a comprehensive range of services to the highest calibre of individuals and businesses. Its clients are sophisticated and dynamic and this is reflected in the way that the team challenges the conventional, and strives for excellence at every opportunity.

As the economy of Malta goes from strength to strength, the FFF Legal practice has adapted and expanded in a way that compliments the changing needs of its clientele. The work that the firm undertakes is versatile, complex, and is truly international in both reputation and reach. A specialist focus is given to the area of corporate and commercial law activities and Fenech Farrugia Fiott Legal’s lawyers are among the leading figures in their respective fields, supplemented by a team of experienced executives and administrators. The firm’s core areas of expertise are corporate and commercial law, financial services law and practice, maritime and aviation law, trusts and foundations, estate planning and private clients work.

The firm is a founding partner of a group of independent professional services organisations, brought together by a common work ethic and interest in the development of an open-architecture collaborative approach. This multi-disciplinary professional services platform is known as ARQ Group and it combines expertise in accountancy, taxation, legal services, fiduciary and trust services, business advisory and corporate services- all within one organisation. The ARQ Group builds on the experience and reputation of its founding partners from various backgrounds and has accumulated a vast experience in additional sectors along the way by forging collaborative agreements with independent centres of expertise. Its integral aim is to facilitate the flow of knowledge, expertise and experience between collaborating companies, and to offer clientele the convenience of a seamless A-Z service for all their corporate, commercial and business needs. ARQ Group carries forward the experience, culture and work ethic accumulated over the course of many years and packages it in a way that is accessible, cost effective and inherently efficient.

Central to every relationship that the firm builds, there is an unwavering commitment to the client’s success and development. It is this ethos that has helped cement Fenech Farrugia Fiott’s reputation as one of the finest, multidisciplinary, cross-border commercial and corporate law firms in Malta.

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