Adoption Of The Maltese Passenger Yacht Code

The Malta Merchant Shipping Directorate has announced the entry into force of the Passenger Yacht Code (PYC), with effect from the 25th of May 2021.

It is widely recognised that when considering the operational pattern and risk profile of commercial yachts, the requirements for commercial passenger ships are in some instances disproportionately onerous and impracticable in terms of design and operations. Moreover, as large commercial yachts grow in size, the 12 passenger limitation has become more and more perceptible and the Maltese Merchant Shipping Directorate, spurred on by encouragement from the industry, have developed equivalent arrangements in the form of a Passenger Yacht Code.

The Malta Passenger Yacht Code (PYC) has been drawn up in consultation with various industry stake holders including yacht designers, yacht builders, yacht managers, yacht builders’ associations, repair yards, specialised service providers and manufacturers and Appointed Surveyors and Recognised Organisations, as a wider representation of the industry.

A Passenger Yacht, registered under the Malta Flag, shall meet SOLAS and other applicable Conventions’ requirements. In lieu of certain disproportionally onerous Conventions’ requirements the Passenger Yacht may meet the requirements of the PYC which includes a number of dedicated equivalencies. This Code is specifically designed and intended for Passenger Yachts, which carry more than 12 passengers up to 36 passengers, which carry not more than 200 persons, which do not carry cargo and which are engaged on international voyages.

The proactive approach taken by the Maltese Shipping Registry in fine tuning its regulations, give testimony to the fact that the Malta Flag is further consolidating its reputation as the primary Flag of Confidence of choice.

The Passenger Yacht Code and a Synopsis of the code, may be downloaded from the following links:-

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