All shops are now allowed to open on Sundays.

As a result of recent reforms, retail outlets are now able to open on Sundays without incurring any additional cost, on the understanding that they will remain closed on another day during that seven day period.

The new rules state that all shops may open on Sundays during the hours of 6am-5pm with the exception of grocers which are allowed to remain open between 6am- 1pm. If a business chooses to avail itself of these new opening times, then they must choose another day of the week that they will remain closed on, and inform the Director of Trade of their schedule.

Should a business wish to remain open 7 days a week, with no need to close on any other day, they have the right to do so upon payment of a €700 fee which is payable in advance on an annual basis.

Further to changes regarding days of trading,  retail outlets may also extend their opening hours to 10pm on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays without the requirement for any permit or additional fees. Furthermore, any retail businesses that are situated in Cottonera will be allowed to extend their businesses hours in the event of a cruise liner being berthed in the Grand Harbour, a privilege which was previously only given to shops in Valletta.

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