Carbon Dioxide Emissions From Maritime Transport

The Merchant Shipping Directorate has issued an MS Notice, to the attention of all companies of ships that are above 5000GT and which call at any port under the jurisdiction of an EU member state. These ships are covered by Regulation (EU) No 2015/757 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 29 April 2015 on the monitoring, reporting and verification of carbon dioxide emissions from maritime transport, and amending Directive 2009/16/EC.

Such companies should have, by the 30th April 2019, already submitted verified annual emissions reports concerning the CO2 emissions through the THETIS-MRV. Companies had to submit these reports for the previous entire reporting period, for each ship, to the EU Commision and to the Merchant Shipping Directorate.

Meantime, by the 30th June 2019, applicable ships that have visited EU ports during a previous reporting period shall carry on board a valid Document of Compliance. This is to be issued by a verifier once the emissions report is verified that it fulfils the requirements of the Regulation.

Click here to read the MS Notice 151, as issued by Transport Malta, or contact us on [email protected] for further guidance and information.

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