Dr. Christian Farrugia Panellist At The Regulatory Expectations of Bank Boards Webinar

Senior Partner of the law firm Dr. Christian Farrugia, who is also the Chairman and non-executive director of Merkanti Bank Limited, will be participating as a guest speaker at a webinar titled ”Regulatory Expectations of Bank Boards” which is being organised by the Malta Financial Services Authority on the 10th of May 2021.

The MFSA’s webpage promoting the event states: “The MFSA’s Governance is a critical part of the regulatory assessment of a bank by the MFSA and Non-Executive Directors play an important role in ensuring there is appropriate governance for banks in Malta. This webinar is designed to provide an insight into the expectations of regulators, with a focus on business planning, control infrastructures and financial crime. The webinar will also provide an overview of how the MFSA assesses the competence of individual board members and the board collectively through its ongoing supervision and onsite reviews.”

Dr. Farrugia will be one of several speakers, joining representatives from the Prudential Authority UK and the European Central Bank, amongst others.

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