FFF Legal Supports Artist James Vella Clark?s Solo Exhibition Dead Palm Tree

FFF Legal has supported James Vella Clark?s latest exhibition of lanscapes at Lily Agius Gallery. Themed ?Dead Palm Tree? the exhibition was held between the 3rd and the 24th November.

An unusual recurrent use of green tones dominates the bigger part of this collection. The composition in most paintings is still structured but forms now seem to extend more vertically and successively unlike previous patchwork. Nonetheless, the overall style remains somewhat abstracted and highly spontaneous. It is a style that can be easily defined as ?structured abstraction? conveying the message that whilst the artist wants to remain in control, there is a lot of ?letting go? thus suggesting an unusual balance between control and surrender.

Vella Clark?s landscapes retain the predominant features that have defined his work over the past years. The landscape is still dominated by the archaic church cupolas, a constant reminder of our mediterranean submissive nature to our beliefs that gives us a false sense of moral security, the colours, still mediterranean, the surface still heavily textured and the perennial palm tree, symbol of man?s spirit of perseverance amidst the different landscapes of life.

?My first palm tree sprouted somewhere in 2008, replacing the cypress tree which had been present in many landscapes before. Since then, this detail in many of my works has redefined itself as representational of individuals in particular life-circumstances, within their own personal context. Dead Palm Tree is not strictly about death but about defying one?s own nature. A palm tree is known for its strength and perseverance even in the midst of the harshest conditions so a palm tree that is left to die or is destroyed, goes against its true nature of survival. It?s about acknowledging that whoever we are and whatever we do, no matter how much we persevere and no matter how infallable we may think we are, we all die. And as I look at this collection and see how my style is evolving, this theme becomes also representative of the end of a phase and the birth of a new one,? explains the artist.

The exhibition featured 18 new pieces, most of them small in dimension but nonetheless, still very valid vehicles of self-expression and connection with the audience. ?My small paintings are very intimate as they invite the viewer to move closer to the work and become part of the experience that I want to share,? concludes the artist.

More information about the artist and his works James or view more of his work you may visit his website at www.jamesvellaclark.net

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