Malta Flag – Heightened Security Concerns in the Red Sea

Author: Mr. Joseph Fenech
Published: 17th January 2024
Maritime Unit

In response to the intensifying security situation in the Red Sea area, the Malta Merchant Shipping Directorate has issued a Merchant Shipping Notice, calling on all concerned parties to exercise extreme caution during maritime operations in the region.

Vessels are strongly recommended to avoid the Bab el-Mandeb strait and refraining from transiting the south Red Sea, at least until the security situation de-escalates.

In addition, should ship masters and operators deem it necessary to proceed to the area, they are strongly advised to exercise utmost caution and maintain a high state of vigilance throughout their journey. This cautious approach is critical for ensuring the safety of both the crew and the vessel amidst the heightened security concerns.

The Directorate emphasizes the significance, for the Masters and operators, of staying informed by closely monitoring security and advisory notices issued by multinational cooperation centres and to maintain good communication before proceeding with their navigation in this area.

Masters and operators of Maltese ships, both currently operating and those considering navigating the Red Sea, are urged to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the local security conditions. The safety of their presence in the region should be a top priority, with decisions made in consideration of potential risks.

The Directorate underscores the importance of applying required precautionary measures to guarantee the safety of all personnel and assets.


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