Investing in Malta

Malta is quickly becoming one of the top EU jurisdictions for financial services, trading and holding activities. So why exactly should an investor consider Malta as a jurisdiction for doing business?

  1. Stable Environment

Malta is a stable democracy and it is a fully-fledged member of the European Union, the British Commonwealth and the Schengen Zone, as well as its passport being ranked as one of the strongest in the world.

  1. Top Level Infrastructure

The country ranks highly in the EU Digital Economy and Society Index as well as having an excellent communication infrastructure including fibre internet and both national and international telecommunications providers. It also has a large network of arterial roads, an excellent health service and a large selection of business and commercial premises.

  1. Able Workforce

The workforce are highly educated with schools and universities holding their own against international establishments. Most people are fluent in English and Italian as well as the native Maltese. There are also large communities of Nordic, European and American individuals living and working on the island.

  1. Low operational costs

The costs associated with setting up and operating a business in Malta are inexpensive when compared to the rest of the EU. Labour costs, social security contributions and the cost of living is also lower than most other EU states.

  1. Attractive fiscal benefits

Malta is on the OECD White List and offers various fiscal incentives to businesses and individuals residing and operating locally. Maltese companies pay a flat rate of 35% corporate tax which can be lowered through Malta’s refundable tax credit system.

  1. Double Taxation Treaties

Malta has over 65 tax treaties currently in force, and all based on the OECD model, offering businesses operation in Malta, relief from being taxed twice on income or gains made in another territory.

  1. Favourable Regulatory Environment

Malta offers a flexible and sophisticated regulatory and legislative system which is both friendly and welcoming to new business and investors. This has led to the country becoming very popular with companies from the financial services, corporate, iGaming, ICT, maritime, aviation and pharmaceutical sectors.

  1. Best Climate in the World

Malta enjoys an impressive 3000 hours of sunshine a year along with long, hot summers and short, mild winters.  It has also been consistently voted as one of the nicest, best and safest places to live in the world, as well as having the best and most desirable climate globally.

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