Fenech Farrugia Fiott Legal Participated At The Malta Business Aviation and Opportunities in Superyachts Conferences

Fenech Farrugia Fiott Legal participated at the Malta Business Aviation Conference (MBAC) and Opportunities in Superyachts Conference, held in Malta at the end of March. Both conferences were organised by the leading conference specialists, Quaynote Communications. The FFF Legal team present included Dr. Tonio Fenech, Dr. Caroline Grech and Mr. Joseph Fenech, who coordinates the FFF Legal Ship and Aircraft registration unit.

On the 27th March, the MBAC looked into the Rise of the Super-Wealthy and the Impact of this upon the Business Jets Industry and the Leisure and Tourism Industries. As the requirement for operators to have a representative in Malta becomes more critical post-Brexit, the MBAC addressed also the impact of the UK`s departure from the EU on the business aviation industry. Dr. Tonio Fenech was a member of a panel at the MBAC with the theme: “What keeps financiers up at night? ”. The panel focused on the impact of geo-political events such as Brexit and US-China trade war on the finance market, aircraft leasing, the growth perspectives for loans versus leasing and aircraft financing.  The panel was moderated by Mr. Gary Crichlow from Arc & Co and the other panellists were Ms. Alexandra Asche from Global Jet Capital, Mr. Michael Schuler from Credit Suisse AG and Mr. Toennies von Limburg from Bank of America.

On the 28th March, the 7th Opportunities in Superyachts conference was held, which has now become a key networking event in the Superyacht calendar. The conference addressed the key issues of concern to leaders in the Superyacht industry, mainly the financing, regulations, safety, security, insurances, tax, corporate ownership, brokerage, chartering, marinas, build and design. Dr. Fenech featured as a guest speaker at this event, delivering a presentation on the lessons learned during the “Indian Empress” case, where FFF Legal represented the mortgagee in enforcing their rights against this superyacht under arrest in Malta in 2018. The actual talk was entitled “Remedies available to the Mortgagee and the Indian Empress Case”, and the powerpoint slides that formed the basis of this talk are accessible on the following link.


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