My Blockchain | a FinanceMalta series

On the 29th of August, Fenech Farrugia Fiott Legal attended the Blockchain Malta Meetup, the first of a number of seminars and part of the ‘My Blockchain – a FinanceMalta series’ organised by Finance Malta and dealing with Blockchain technologies.

Blockchain’s, or how it’s commonly known, the distributed ledger technology’s rise to fame can be partly attributed to its connection with crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.  As evidenced by the number and diversity of attendees, Blockchain, is a subject currently at the centre of attention in a broad spectrum of fields. Several speakers took centre stage, including Parliamentary Secretary Hon. Silvio Schembri who announced that the Maltese government has been taking a close look at Blockchain technology and that important announcements in the field would be revealed in September. Leading the clinic, Steve Tendon, who contributed in the drafting of Malta’s National Blockchain Strategy, announced his intention of establishing a National Blockchain Consortium so as to gather all stakeholders interested in this technology and work together to help government introduce legislation as soon as possible.

The seminar saw various professionals from various industries coming together to discuss this disruptive technology which is most likely here to stay.  The list of speakers consisted of Mr. James Catania of IntelliBlock, Mr. Loui Mercieca of Agilis, Dr. Ian Gauci of GTG Advocates, Dr. Max Ganado of Ganado Advocates, Dr. Joseph F Borg of WH Partners and Bitmalta, and Mr. Dario Azzopardi of 3 Group, who together tackled a broad range of topics ranging from an in depth look at some of the technical aspects of the Blockchain technology, “smart-contracts” and “initial coin offerings” – their applications, challenges and opportunities which Blockchain technology poses to legislators and regulators, as well as various mining hardware.

Fenech Farrugia Fiott Legal embraces this technology, and looks forward to working with the relevant stakeholders to ensure Malta’s position as a ‘Blockchain Island’.
Blockchain Meetup Photo


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