Residence and Immigration

Malta is a prime location for both new business opportunities and personal relocation. With its property market booming and its economy going from strength to strength, the islands have fast become a popular location for expatriates from all over the world. As a response to increased interest, the Maltese government have offered a range of immigration and residence programmes which offer benefits such as residence, tax incentives and even citizenship in return for meeting certain strict criteria.

Programmes include the IIP, the MRVP and the EU Residence Programme. All of these initiatives offer a full range of advantages as long as the applicant meets particular financial, due diligence, residence, and other requirements.

Malta is a unique country abound in cultural links and historical wealth and it offers a distinctly European identity, location, and time-zone with a friendly atmosphere, Mediterranean climate, and metropolitan twist.

Fenech Farrugia Fiott can offer advice and assistance with regards to all residence and immigration programmes available in Malta. To find out more, please contact Dr. Christian Farrugia.

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