Global Residence Programme

In June 2013, the Maltese Government launched the latest residence scheme the Global Residence Programme – a residency and tax programme which provides favourable tax incentives for non-EU, non-EEA and non-Swiss Nationals seeking an alternative residence base in the Maltese Islands. A legal notice bringing into effect the Global Residence Programme for EU Nationals is expected to come into effect in the second half of 2013.

Benefits of the Global Residence Programme

Beneficiaries of a Special Tax Status under the Global Residence Programme (GRP) enjoy a flat rate of personal income tax of 15%, chargeable only on a remittance basis. Foreign source income received in Malta is subject to Malta tax only if remitted to Malta while foreign capital gains are altogether outside the scope of tax in Malta. Local source income arising from business, investment or other economic activity held in Malta is subject to tax at 35%. Minimum tax under the present High Net-Worth Individuals (HNWI) Scheme has been reduced from Euro 25,000 for the applicant (plus an additional Euro 5,000 per dependent) to a minimum tax of Euro 15,000 under the GRP, covering all dependents.

Beneficiaries are not legally bound by minimum stay requirements. However, they are not permitted to spend more than 183 days in a calendar year in another jurisdiction.

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In order to qualify for residency under the GRP, an applicant will need to satisfy the following conditions:

  • Property purchased in the island of Malta must have a minimum value of Euro 275,000;
  • Property purchased in the island of Gozo or in the South of Malta must have a minimum value of Euro 220,000;
  • If the applicant opts for rental of property, the property must have a minimum annual rental value of Euro 9,600 (or Euro 800 a month) in Malta and Euro 8,750 (or Euro 730 a month) in Gozo or in the South of Malta;
  • Applicants must also take out an all-risks medical insurance – they will not be eligible to benefit from Malta’s free State healthcare system;

The definition of dependents has been widened from that under the HNWI scheme. The age limitation of children (natural, adopted or in care) has been increased to 25. Dependents now includes brothers, sisters and direct relatives in an ascending line as long as it is shown to the satisfaction of the Director of Inland Revenue that these are dependents of the beneficiary of the GRP. Certain employees are also provided for including carers, butlers, personal drivers and other domestic staff in the employment of the applicant for the preceding two years.

Applying for Special Tax Status under the GRP:

Special Tax Status under the GRP Rules must be applied for, through an Authorised Registered Mandatory and the non-refundable application fee is of Euro 6,000 Euro and Euro 5,500 if the qualifying property is in the south of Malta.

The GRP Rules state that the beneficiary must continuously satisfy the obligations in terms of the Rules and also that the special tax status may be inherited.

For further information, kindly contact Dr. Christian Farrugia

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