Malta’s tax framework and its extensive double tax treaty network means that with proper structuring and planning, investors, businesses and individuals can benefit from considerable fiscal efficiency by using Malta as a base. It is the only EU country that offers a full imputation system and offers a refundable tax credit scheme on revenues as dividends to shareholders and enjoys full approval from OECD. The country also offers tax incentives for highly qualified professionals in order to attract the world’s finest talent to its flourishing financial services industry.

Our tax practice places a large focus on cross-border corporate transactions and we provide commercially driven solutions taking into account the client’s targets and requirements. We have extensive expertise in Maltese tax but we also have knowledge of foreign tax systems and trends. This knowledge, coupled with that of Malta’s double taxation network and EU tax legislation, enables us to provide holistic solutions to multi-national clients engaged in multi-jurisdictional transactions.

We can provide a wide range of tax advisory and planning services, drawing on the experience of our lawyers and other tax and accounting specialists.

For more information, please contact Dr. Christian Farrugia

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