Safety Issues Associated With Fatal Falls Inside Vessels Cargo Holds

The Maltese Merchant Shipping Directorate has issued an information Notice to draw the attention of all concerned on the potential hazards related to critical fittings inside vessels cargo holds.

Reference is made to the Marine Safety Investigation Report No 23/2018, which investigated and summarised the fatal fall of a stevedore inside a cargo tank onboard the Maltese Flagged vessel “Eugenia B”, in the Port of Iskenderun on the 30th November 2017. The purpose of this investigation was to determine the circumstances and safety factors of the accident as a basis for making recommendations, and to prevent further marine casualties or incidents from occurring in the future.

Any important conclusion and recommendation of this report is that that critical fittings inside or leading to the cargo holds are inspected and maintained regularly, as necessary.

 It is highly recommended that this investigation report is brought to the attention of all crew serving onboard Maltese registered vessels and address the importance of such fittings, taking into consideration the safety hazards and the related consequences.

Click here to access the Investigation Report 23/2019, as issued by Transport Malta, or contact us on [email protected] for further guidance and information.

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