Service On Maltese Ships With Non-Maltese Certificates of Competence

As stipulated in the “International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping 1978,” as amended, all officers serving on board seagoing ships and hold certificates of competence not issued by the flag Administration shall hold an endorsement attesting recognition, by that Administration, of their certificate of competence. The validity of an endorsement certificate is closely linked to the validity of the certificate of competence both of which have to be revalidated every five years by the respective by Administration. The endorsement certificate together with the relevant certificate of competence must be carried on board at all times.

In the case of Maltese Flagged Ships, Transport Malta provide also for the issuance, under certain conditions, of endorsements attesting the recognition of non-Maltese certificates of competence for officers serving onboard Maltese Flagged ships.

It is good to note also that an officer may be accepted to serve on board Maltese ships without an endorsement certificate for a maximum period of three months, provided that the initial application has been submitted to the Directorate. An acknowledgement of application confirming receipt of the completed application shall serve as proof of application for an endorsement. The acknowledgement, however, shall not replace the endorsement certificate issued by the Directorate.

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