Annual Return of Shipping Organisations Benefiting from the Tonnage Tax Regime

The Maltese Merchant Shipping Directorate has issued a Notice to draw the attention of all concerned to the reporting obligations contained in the Merchant Shipping (Taxation and Other Matters Relating to Shipping Organisations) Regulations.

Reference is made to those shipping organisations falling within the scope of regulation 4(4) of the said Regulations and which have been approved as such, who shall start submitting, at the same time, two separate annual declarations. The first declaration is to be submitted to the Maltese Commissioner for Revenue and a second declaration shall be submitted to the Merchant Shipping Directorate.

It is the duty of shipping organisations falling under the scope of the Tonnage Tax Regime Regulations to ensure that they are in compliance with the applicable requirements.

Click here to read the MS Notice 150, as issued by Transport Malta, or contact us on [email protected] for further guidance and information.

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