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A Malta-based law firm providing a comprehensive range of services to the highest calibre of individuals and businesses.

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A legal practice which has adapted and expanded in order to provide representation to clients in a broad spectrum of specialisations.

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Investing in Malta

Malta is one of Europe’s strongest economies and has become a hub for big business, financial services, iGaming, shipping and more.

Latest News

FFF Legal At The STEP Malta Conference

Firm Partner, Dr Tonio Fenech, is attending the STEP Malta Conference 2022, titled “The evolution of fiduciary services: Keeping trusts relevant for the future” on the 06th and 07th October 2022. This international two day conference will cover informative topics for...

Office Closure Notice – Public Holiday

Please note that Monday 15th August is a Public Holiday and our offices will therefore be closed. We would ask you to kindly copy any urgent enquiries to [email protected]  

Updates In Relation To The Work Life Balance Directive

In recent decades, the need to promote a work-life balance and enact the necessary policies to promote and enforce same, has been predominant. The Work Life Balance Directive imposed a time limit on member states to implement the necessary rules, with the minimum...

Malta Chapter In The Chambers Corporate Governance 2022 Guide

Fenech Farrugia Fiott Legal are proud to have, once again, contributed to the Malta Chapter in the Chambers Corporate Governance 2022 Guide. The publication provides legal commentary on rules, requirements and practices adopted by businesses and covers the important...

Language Inconsistencies In EU Regulations

How the EU Courts address problems of interpretation arising from such inconsistencies To date, there are a total of twenty four languages which the European Union considers to be official languages, making the legal framework of the European Union inherently...

Fenech Farrugia Fiott Legal At The Malta Superyacht Symposium

Joseph Fenech, Shipping & Yachting Executive at Fenech Farrugia Fiott Legal, and Peter Valentino, Business Development Associate at ARQ Group, have attended the first edition of the Malta Superyacht Symposium. The symposium has brought together all the local major...

MALTA Shipping Registry News – Batteries On Commercial Yachts

The evolution of yachts, in size, and the form and function of their garages/storage spaces have led to an increase in risks associated with fire. Also from recent fire incidents’ investigations, it has been found that the storage/charging of lithium-ion battery packs...

Satabank’s €327,500 Fine Reduced To €68,000

On the 25th May 2022, the Court of Appeal in its Inferior Jurisdiction, decided an appeal filed by the Competent Person appointed by the MFSA to represent Satabank plc in terms of Art 29(1)(b) of the Banking Act, challenging the imposition by the Financial...

MALTA Shipping Registry News – Minimum Basic Wage

The Merchant Shipping Directorate has issued a notice which refer to the minimum basic wage for able seafarers. For each calendar month of service the minimum wage for this rank has been revised as follows:- As of the 01st January 2023, it shall not be less than USD...

Recruitment Of Lawyers – Commercial Law And Financial Services Teams

Fenech Farrugia Fiott Legal is a well-established law firm, with offices in Valletta and Birkirkara, which provides a comprehensive range of legal services to local and foreign individuals and businesses.  In providing its services, the Firm is solution-driven and...
“The firm and its lawyers are very professional, well balanced and diversified with unique knowledge, style, creativity, and reputation. They always pay the utmost attention to details and we are very, very happy with our experiences over the years.”

“Over the years, we have enjoyed the firm’s legal support on a wide selection of shipping-related assignments and they have always found a solution to any challenge.”

“We have had the pleasure of Dr Christian Farrugia and FFF, represent various aspects of our business for over 15 years and can recommend him and the firm, without reservation.”

“The firm’s lawyers are responsive and quick to take appropriate action, throughout the years they have provided us with wise counselling and good guidance.”

“Christian Farrugia has always been extremely thorough in his communications and recommendations and they are always on the mark, without fail. Most of all, he is one of the most genuine people you will ever hope to meet.”

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